Import/Export Strategies

German Import Export Business

The import export business in Germany is just like any other type of business. But by virtue of its global nature, it presents some unique complications. A majority of domestic business operations work under the “build and they will come” mantra. They might at times get away with it when they have the advantage of a prime location and no competition. In the import export business however, it is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

Your marketing decisions are greatly influenced by competitors in Germany. Instead of being intimidated by the fact that there are other business models doing exactly what you do, you should be looking at ways to set yourself apart. The easiest way to do this is by getting as much information on them as possible.

Import from Germany

We provide and translate information about a fully comprehensive Import service incorporating:

  • Client liaison & integration of system information
  • German medical product law
  • Originating country export controls
  • Multi modal transportation (rail, ocean, air, road)
  • Identification of commodities & available customs relief
  • Import customs clearance
  • Importing dental related goods from EUR and non EUR cuntries – We are specialized in importing from Arab countries
  • Import of dental lab cases from Turkey, Thailand and China

 Export to Germany

We provide nformation a fully comprehensive Export service incorporating:

  • Legalization of documentation and Letters of Credit
  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG) and expediting services
  • Client liaison & integration of system information
  • Export licensing controls & customs documentation
  • Dental Goods
  • Destination clearance
  • Delivery to consignee
  • Third party State and Commerce approvals


Foreign firms that manufacture medical devices and/or products that emit radiation that are imported into Germany must comply with applicable German regulations before, during, and after importing into tGermany or its territories. In order to import medical devices and/or products that emit radiation into the U.S., the product must meet CE and the regulatory requirements of the German medical product law.. FDA does not recognize regulatory approvals from other countries.

Medical Devices

Foreign manufacturers

Foreign manufacturers must meet applicable the German medical device regulations in order to import devices into Germany, even if the product is authorized for marketing in another country. These requirements include registration of establishment, listing of devices, manufacturing in accordance with the quality system regulation, medical device reporting of adverse events. In addition, the foreign manufacturers must designate an European agent.  As with domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturing sites are subject to  inspection. Information on the German regulatory requirements can be fgathered wioth the assistance of our company.

Import Process

All medical devices that are imported into Germany must meet all requirements.


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