Dental CAD/CAM Systems, used in Germany

CAD/CAM systems in Germany

Dental CAD/CAM systems like 3D-printers, milling machines and scanners in Germany.

Let us discuss the use of dental scanners, milling units, 3D printers and the benefit of this technology. We detect market trends, competitors and know the German main players.

German developments in the dental market

For 25 years, exciting new German developments in dental materials and computer technology have led to the success of contemporary dental computer-aided design. Many clinics use computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology.

In addition 3D printing in Germany lab- and chairside. We offer our common knowledge and our dental related network to inform you about this technology. Our consultants can inform you about important companies, main players and the use in dental labs and clinics because of the dramatic changes in the German dental market.

Right know this technology is used for aligners, crowns, bridges and combined structures like telescoping crowns or implant solutions.

You will be provided with an overview of the status of current CAD/CAM systems, used in Germany. We can describe components of CAD/CAM technologies and suggests future possibilities.

In many other industries, production stages are increasingly becoming automated. The price of dental laboratory work has become a major factor in treatment planning and therapy.

Automation could enable more competitive production in high-wage areas.

Most dental companies have access to CAD/CAM procedures, either in the dental practice, the dental laboratory or in the form of production centres.

Dental CAD-CAM Germany

As a result of continual developments in computer hardware and software, new methods of production and new treatment concepts are to be expected.  That fact will enable an
additional reduction in costs. Dentists, who will be confronted with these techniques in the future, require certain basic knowledge.

Concepts of outsourcing and external or internal production

Lcation of the components of the CAD/CAM systems. In dentistry and in dental labs three different production concepts are available:
• chairside production
• laboratory production
• centralised fabrication in a production centre


Those technologies are in a constant development. It is an immens benefit to learn about the situation in Germany and the trends in the market.

CAD/CAM history and future in the market

Heino Merten

Dental Lab-Technologies
Entrepreneur - Consultant