Referral Marketing in Germany

Referral Marketing in Germany

There is no better marketing strategy than referral marketing in Germany. Let your existing customers raves about you in front of their friends.

Let your clients talk about your skills and technologies


It’s a win-win-win situation – you get free marketing for your practice, dental chain or laboratory. Your customer gets social validation for recommending something great beacuese his friend gets a recommendation from a trusted source.

We use this kind of marketing in the dental sector since 2006 for many dentists, clinics and dental labs on our AgbZ-Websites. We can inform you, how to use referral markting in Germany, to drive more patients into your dental office or dental chain. When existing or new patients have exceptional experiences with their dentists, they are more likely to share these positive moments with those closest to them or on SEO optimized websites. We own four of them to offer special dental treatments, compare prices ond solutions or to find the right technology and material.

So why does referral marketing work? One word: Trust.

One great benefit from referral marketing is that it can reach a wider audience that may not even be searching for you. It opens your practice to more people than even your SEO and social media efforts. Another great benefit of referrals is that it’s very cost-effective.

Finally, you are more likely to have higher retention rates and stronger loyalty from patients who were referred to you by other patients.

You can consult us, to learn about the needs of German patients. We teach you, how to implement this dental related referral marketing on your website.  Just use our knowlege to gather more and satisfied customers in your clinic or dental chain in Germany.

Implementing referral programs doesn’t have to be hard. Especially when you allow patients to share easily across our multiple digital platforms.

Referral marketing can have a huge impact on the growth of your patient base and practice.  You have to work on that and continually provide exceptional service. Stay engaged with each patient.

Heino Merten

Dental Lab-Technologies
Entrepreneur - Consultant