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Who we are:

Dr. Detlef Schulz 60 y.o. – 32 years employed or self employed as a dentist and implant surgeon in Germany and the UK. CEREC and CAD/CAM specialist. – Dental Consulting

Heino W.C. Merten 63 y.o. –  43 years dental technician and lab owner/manager/CEO. I am specialised in referral marketing, dentists and patient´s needs, the German dental market. – Dental Consulting


We offer concentrated knowledge about the German dental market and DENTAL CONSULTING in Germany


We both have brought together all our knowledge because our years of experience in the German dental market. As a result, we offer our common expertise in the management of dental laboratories, the production and import / export of dental lab works.
Just profit from long years experience of founding either labs, and clinics. Dr. Schulz knows about dental treatments of all kind, like implant surgery and practice management. We both offer our extensive knowledge about the German dental market.
We seize the opportunity to offer this longstanding expertise like our common profund knowledge and continuous business relationship.
Our focus is on the benefit of your clients and their patients.

A network of well known experts in the dental field for your dental consulting in Germany


You are interested to learn about the dental field in Germany because you need assistance for an investment or a detailed market research? We all would be proud to serve you with the needed information.

Due to dramatic changes in either lab and practice by digital technology, intraoral scanners, milling centers, 3D printers and CAD/CAM units, we realized, that many of the owners, managers and employees are not prepared for the dental future. We offer this kind of network consulting since many years and cooperate with GLG, Guidepoint and many other.

We want to exploit  this competitive advantage for a mutual benefit in the German dental network and for sure for the success of your plans and investments in Germany.


Please do not hesitate to ask for dental related market research. We clearly see the chances for dental chains, any dental related investment in Germany. Just ask us for a simple overview about the German dental market and / or the founding of dental chains.

We definately know the needs of German patients like diffent kinds of insurances and the way to offer those treatments and services in our country.

Based on the recognition, famously summarised by Francis Bacon four hundred years ago, that knowledge is power.
Heino Merten

Dental Lab-Technologies
Entrepreneur - Consultant

Detlef Schulz

Dentist - Implant Surgeon
CAD/CAM - Implantology