Dental Market Research Germany

Dental Market research in Germany

We offer our organized effort to gather information about your target market, main players and competitors. We know about latest technologies or optional customers and competitors. However, expert practitioners may wish to draw a distinction. In that marketing  research is concerned specifically about marketing processes. Market research is concerned specifically. In this case with markets in our country with German clients, German companies and players because of the difference in markets.

If you would like to drive a car in Germany, you should learn the traffic signs first, how fast you can go and the direction…

Every business needs a picture of what kinds of new products and services may bring a profit. For products, technology and services already available. Marketing research can tell companies whether they are meeting their customers‘ needs and expectations.  Especially for dental chains, there are many details to think about.  Ask our network experts about the German health system, about outsourcing and  how to find highly skilled employees.

The main factors used in maintaining competitiveness over competitors  is market research as it provides important information. It will help to identify and analyze the needs of the market and its size and trends.

What means Dental Market Research Germany?

It should include social and opinion research beacuse it is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations. We use statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight or support decision making.

  1. Observation – Wea re able to observe the special market, you are interested in. As we are working in this market since more than 40 years, we know the big players. Trends and the needs of either patient, industry and dentists are no secrets for us. We can watch your potential customers, competitors and their behaviours in action.
  2. Focus Groups – Focus group market research is done by a group of specialized dentists, implantologists, orthodontics dentists, CAD/CAM and dental technicians or marketing experts.
  3. Interview – Interviews are done, if you are in need of special informations by topics.
  4. Survey/Questionnaire – This method of market research involves getting feedback from potential customers through a structured, multi-question survey. Market research surveys or questionnaires can be done over the phone, through mail/email or in person.

If you are interested to learn about the market situation in Germany. We know the competitors, main players and the CAD/CAM trends.


Heino Merten

Dental Lab-Technologies
Entrepreneur - Consultant